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About James Cottell


James graduated from Falmouth University with a BA (Hons) in Illustration in 2007. He lives in the UK and is represented by NB Illustration. He loves the countryside, music and illustrating dogs getting up to mischief…


What James Cottell does


James creates his humorous, detailed cartoon illustrations using dip pen, ink, watercolour, pencils, elements of digital colour and a cheeky sense of humour. He has a real strength for observation, characterisation and a strong use of line. He loves illustrating animals and people and is rarely without his trusty sketchbook to capture the world around him. His commissioned work often involves dogs which he is more than happy about!


Who James Cottell does it for


James’ artwork is well suited to the children’s book market and magazine editorials. He is also commissioned to illustrate storyboards, live draw at events and paint murals.


Some of James Cottell’s recent clients include


Accounting and Business Magazine, BBC, BP, Buster Books, Child Accident Prevention Trust, Deloitte, Educational Company of Ireland, Edge Picture Company, Franklin Watts, Hamleys, HarperCollins, House of Illustration, Lego, Molton Brown, NHS, NSPCC, Oxford University Press (UK/ Australia), Pearson, Plastic Pictures, Samsung and Unilever  


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